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How the DE-CIX/UPF Global Interconnection Academy will support business strategy through digital transformation and beyond

DE-CIX and the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona have joined forces to launch a Global Interconnection Academy. The training program, commencing at the end of 2022, is aimed at both professionals and students. The Interconnection Academy seeks to provide a global standard certificate of excellence for interconnection experts. It will prepare high potentials—well recognized and highly knowledgeable interconnection professionals—for the market, by combining advanced technical, operational, and business-related knowledge.

The Global Interconnection Academy is designed to offer courses fully online as Nano MOOC, or NOOC, modules, available from anywhere. Modules will range from business strategy topics related to interconnection, digital infrastructure, and the needs of enterprises in the digital economy, through to highly technical modules. The aim of the program is to set standards for the entire industry – for both young and seasoned professionals – in terms of education and expertise. Along with specialist technical modules for certain target groups, the academy will also offer insight into connectivity solutions, helping enterprises and market participants in general to understand how they can use interconnection to satisfy the demands resulting from digital transformation. This will lead to professionals understanding how they can design their connectivity strategy, and how they can support the strategy of their respective organization when it comes to digital transformation. A further goal of the initiative is to attract young professionals into the business of interconnection and develop new talent.

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