Demystifying Dark Fiber Channels

How MOX Networks is making dark fiber technology more accessible

MOX Networks (MOX), known for its diverse dark fiber routes and competitive wavelength options across North America and Japan, is lighting the way with its fast-growing and increasingly popular Dark Fiber Channel (DFC) offering.

Dark fiber technology is a popular commodity and long-term option as cloud computing platforms seek more network capacity to deliver data across their campuses. Today, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) is having a huge impact on the expansion and improvement of dark fiber networks, while the rapid adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) and other cloud-based applications are driving new demand for dark fiber.

Dark fiber networks provide scalability, reduced network latency, enhanced security, and reliability; however, they are costly and complex to construct, maintain, and expand if you need to acquire additional strands in a fiber cable.  Many of the networks and applications that need the characteristics of dark fiber cannot justify the cost to purchase, maintain, and operate an optical transport system.

This is where MOX’s Dark Fiber Channel service can be an ideal solution.

MOX has been providing dark fiber channel services commercially as far back as 2015 and, over the past eight years, has developed a bespoke niche by providing customers with the raw infrastructure of DWDM-as-a-service across its terrestrial routes throughout North America through a customer/provider relationship.

Allen Meeks, President and Chief Operating Officer, MOX Networks

The reach of coherent technology now makes it possible to propagate DWDM signals thousands of kilometers without regeneration. Coherent technology gives companies the option to capitalize cards themselves and realize the full bandwidth potential of a DWDM DFC. A MOX DFC provides a user all the benefits of dark fiber without the headache of operating and maintaining the fiber and DWDM optical transport system. 

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