Informal Interaction with Tatiana Fonseca

We all know that working in operations means that you always need to be “on.” How do you unwind and find ways to switch off?

I take this aspect of my life very seriously because I believe it’s important to have balance in all areas for things to work out completely. In addition to being a leader, I am an atypical mom. My son is seven and has autism. Therefore, all my free time is dedicated to my family and helping other families facing this tough diagnostic. Recently I was invited to a TEDx conference where I shared our history and how I became I better person from this experience. All my concepts of priorities and success changed hugely. He is my favorite pastime, and I make every effort to enjoy the free moments with my family. I live in Rio de Janeiro, and we have amazing places to unwind, like beaches, mountains, and parks. It’s with them in Rio that I can completely relax. Besides that, I also work out and practice Muay Thai.