Informal Interactions with Clint Heiden

As an executive leader in a company that is rapidly growing as part of an industry experiencing astronomical growth, how do you maintain your work-life balance?

One of the great things about technology is that it allows you to work from everywhere, so it really helps that our environment is so encouraging when it comes to when we need to work somewhere other than the office. I know I have the company’s support and trust to be able to perform when I’m working, wherever or whenever that is, so that frees me up to find a balance that works for me. Being able to have my family close and being able to appreciate them fully are top priorities, so this flexibility and understanding is really important. Whether it’s taking a few hours out to see a basketball game or taking a few days off to celebrate a birthday or holiday together, I make the most of it. And I can rest assured that work life and family life don’t have to be competing interests.

Clint taking time out in D.C. with his daughter, Hope
Clint at a Wizards game with his daughter, Hope
Hope’s golden birthday, turning 21 on the 21st.
Clint with his wife, Tracy, celebrating their 22nd wedding anniversary
Fishing on Lake Anna in Virginia
Celebrating a dual birthday for Clint’s wife, Tracy, and father, Heidi
Clint biking with Lee
Clint carving turkey with son, Hunter, and dad, Heidi