Informal Interactions with Peder Nærbø

How do you maintain your work-life balance? What are your personal pursuits?

In 1995 I enjoyed my first holiday in Florida where I met a native, my buddy Brad. My escape from life ever since has been to go back at least once a year, first by myself and later with my family. Jetlag ensure that I am up early so I can enjoy a sunrise walk on the beach. I carry those moments with the sunrise with me every day, since I included the colors I observed in Bulk Infrastructure’s color chart. The orange sun rising on the azure seamake up the colors on our logos, cars and even the steel structures in our industrial buildings, as a signature of Bulk.

Personally, I am interested in real estate. However, the more real estate you have – the more stuff you need to fix or maintain. We have a cabin on the mountain and by the sea, as well as the house we live in normally. I love to repair things that break and I get energy from arranging and fixing things. I mow the lawn and trim the hedges, often at times needing headlights or a torch. A sturdy Iseki tractor from 1978 never breaks but modern equipment from this century keeps falling apart. Recently we bought some paintings from an artist friend, and the family had a go at framing them. Fun—but nothing is perfect the first time.

Nærbø’s passion for tinkering and repairs extends to the whole family
Nærbø and family arriving on recent holiday in Florida, USA