Informal Interactions with Raymond Tong

As the CEO of Hong Kong’s largest data center company, how do you find time to balance your work and personal life?

With the ongoing pandemic, there have been benefits in terms of spending more time with family. I have two kids—13 and 11. Both my kids and my wife are quite happy that I have been home more. I’ve really appreciated spending the time with them and taking them to the bay. I talk about the digital world with my kids quite a bit. To maintain balance, giving back is also important to me. My team members and I are actively involved with Infrastructure Masons (iMasons). We recently launched their Hong Kong chapter in July of this year. Many Hong Kong leaders in the technology, telco and enterprise sectors attended the event. It’s also my honor to receive the iM100 Awards presented by iMasons and play a key role in promoting the digital infrastructure industry.

Tong at a company team building event