Informal Interactions with Sunil Gupta

You are a successful CEO who works in a fast-paced environment. How do you maintain work-life balance? What are your interests beyond work?

I follow certain basic philosophies in life that always keep me learning, growing and happy. I feel this is fundamental for anybody to succeed in life and maintain a healthy balance, regardless of their profession. There are three key mantras that I follow. Firstly, I believe that life is beautiful. One must traverse through the ups and downs of life with tranquility, face the storms as they appear, but return to your equilibrium / your permanent subconscious state of happiness after every storm. Secondly, personal integrity is supreme for me, because leaders command respect only when they walk the talk. Lastly, I feel strongly that strategizing is excellent,  but real success is found in great execution, which needs lots of strategizing.

I’m an ardent listener of music, especially classic Hindi songs. Although since childhood I’ve enjoyed listening to a variety of songs, from Bollywood to ghazals, during the last seven years I developed an interest in karaoke. This was when I decided to organize regular karaoke sessions with some of my friends. We started monthly get-togethers with just an old TV and a mic and since graduated to using hi-tech karaoke equipment. What began as a hobby now has become a passion. I try to utilize my knowledge of technology to make the entire experience indulging. Music is second nature for me and immersing myself in the world of music always creates a great experience.