InterGlobix Magazine is proud to partner with NVTC in support of IBM AI event

In continuation of its partnership with the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC), InterGlobix
Magazine is proud to support the upcoming NVTC Data Center and Cloud Community Event on the
topic of “IBM AI Research & The Supercomputer ‘VELA’ deployed at the IBM NOVA Data Center.”

AI models are increasingly pervading every aspect of our lives and work. With each passing year,
more complex models, new techniques, and new use cases require more compute power to meet
the growing demand for AI.

IBM has deployed a cloud-based supercomputer on its public cloud service. The supercomputer
dubbed as “Vela”, an ‘AI-optimized, cloud-native supercomputer.’ The system has been online
since May of 2022, housed within IBM Cloud. This system is the go-to environment for IBM Research
to perform state-of-the-art AI research today. IBM is now opening these capabilities to commercial
clients as part of its new watsonx platform on IBM Cloud.  In this talk, we will discuss the rapid pace
of innovation in the AI field and the roadmap of AI capabilities currently under development within

IBM.  In addition, we will dive into the technical details of AI infrastructure and its impact on data
center development & operations.

Date: 15 June 2023
Time: 8:30 am – 10:00 am
Location: Dominion Energy, Herndon, VA

Register for the event at: