Jacob & Co. Reveals A Vibrant Ode to the Universe

The Only Watch charity auction has always brought out the best of the world’s watchmakers, and Jacob & Co.’s 4-Axis Tourbillon Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension is a perfect example of that.

A world-first like no other, Jacob & Co.’s new timepiece is a marvelously vibrant ode to watchmaking at its supreme best. The 4th Dimension takes the concept of the world’s fastest satellite tourbillon and pushes it even further with a triple axis tourbillon—which, when combined with the rotation of the satellite arm, makes it the world’s first quadruple axis tourbillon. Let that sink in. Not one, not two, not three, but a FOUR-axis tourbillon. On your wrist.

 The dial is surrounded by the rotating satellite arm, which takes a round once every 60 seconds. Then comes the regular tourbillon—also every 60 seconds. On top of that comes the tourbillon cage, which rotates in-line with and perpendicular to the satellite arm at 18 and 15 second intervals. And finally, the pièce de résistance, the patent-pending constant force mechanism.

The 47mm masterpiece comes in a rose gold case consisting of 35 gemstones—hessonite garnet, yellow citrine, blue sapphire, tsavorite, rhodolite garnet, topaz, and pyrope garnet—of contrasting colors displayed in a unique, non-standard culet cut to offer the viewer a stained glass appearance.

The Jacob & Co. 4-Axis Tourbillon Astronomia Revolution 4th Dimension houses a 36-hour power reserve and sits on a blue alligator leather strap with an 18k rose gold buckle.