Leading the AsiaPac Growth Of Digital Transformation

Strategic partnership between Iron Mountain Data Centers and Web Werks to scale product offerings to meet customer demands

Data centers are thriving across Asia Pacific. Pre-pandemic, the sector was already coming into its own. 2021 is likely to be the year where new markets in APAC will lead the regional growth story. India has a huge data consuming population, a growing submarine cable connectivity system and a fairly stable geography. These factors coupled with the increasing shift toward cloud makes India a hotspot for data centers.

Today, there is a humongous demand for data centers due to two major factors:

  • Digital transformation and remote working due to the pandemic
  • The regulations related to data security and localization

Today’s technology landscape is more complicated than ever, and customers need appropriate options to scale their data center footprint and establish connectivity between deployments without comprising cloud and network connectivity needs. A global data center platform will enable our customers to efficiently connect to their ecosystem, partners, customers and other businesses.

In India, Web Werks is the leading Colocation and Cloud Solution Provider. We deliver Wholesale, Retail and Hyperscale colocation facilities through our data center facilities in Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. The data center facilities have the flexibility necessary to accommodate specific customer requirements. All of our solutions are delivered as per global standards and solution expertise, with unmatched local capabilities.

Web Werks data center

An Integral part of India’s Digital Growth

Web Werks recently entered into a strategic partnership with Iron Mountain Data Centers, a global player. With this integration, customers of both the companies get access to 18+ DC facilities in India, US, Europe and APAC.

Since the announcement in February, the joint venture has bought up land parcel for a second 12.5MW data center in Mumbai, alongside another 50MW site, which is also in the offering. Expansion in Delhi NCR also has happened, with 20MW in an enhanced campus of the existing data center. We also announced investment plans for up to 20MW data centers in metros like Bangalore and Chennai. Much like the country’s digital economy, we are poised for an explosion of activity. 

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