Lifting the Floor by Michael Tobin OBE

The serial entrepreneur and maverick’s latest book is a no-holds barred account of the data centre industry

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, maverick, author—Michael Tobin is a man of many parts, as well as one of the most successful people in the global Internet infrastructure industry. Tobin, recently named Chairman of the Board of EdgeConneX, is the former CEO of Telecity Group and now actively engaged in several non-exec roles in the digital infrastructure industry. In 2014, he was awarded an OBE for Services to the Digital Economy. Over the years Tobin has authored Live, Love, Work, Prosper and Forget Strategy, Get Results. His latest book is Lifting the Floor. What’s it about? Let’s hear it from Tobin himself and others. 

Michael Tobin OBE has been at the forefront of the data centre industry ever since its birth. He’s seen it all, from the good and the bad to the completely unbelievable. He’s ridden the highs, leading Telecity Group from near bankruptcy to a multi-billion-dollar company, and survived the lows, like being ousted from that very company he’d built.

This is his never-before-published account of the explosion of the data centre industry. He and key industry insiders lift the lid off on an industry that’s been hiding its shocking stories beneath the floor tiles of data centres the world over. This book exposes how an industry that’s only 25 years old became the most important in the world and introduces you to the egos, opportunists and forward-thinkers who made that happen.

In Michael Tobin’s Voice…

“In 100 years from now people will look back at this time in our industry and see that this generation was the real pioneer of digital infrastructure, pushing forward the frontier of what can be done and what’s possible on the Internet. Like all pioneering times, the early days of the Data Centre industry was like the Wild West! Lifting the Floor is the true story of the industry’s founding fathers (and mothers) and how they built the world’s Digital Infrastructure, and some of the cowboys and highwaymen encountered along the way! We can’t live without the Internet, but we know very little about the secret industry that keeps the wheels of modern life turning: the data centre industry. This is where the Internet lives. This is the industry that has the power to make or break our connections. Cloaked in mystery, with secrets, scandals and bloodthirsty boardroom battles raging behind the scenes, THIS is where the magic happens.”

What others are saying…

“Inspirational, humbling and emotional. Great guidance from an unconventional and sensitive man who has gone through exceptional experiences. Stories and innovative thoughts that can help all of us make our journey through life a happier one.”

Michel Taride, Group President, Hertz Rent-a-Car International

“Courageous and honest in bringing to the surface the things that people don’t want to talk about, but that are in everyone’s heart, soul and mind. This book is a fantastic journey through life, combining practical business insights with personal anecdotes. It gives you the opportunity to put yourself in Mike’s shoes and reflect on your own life, work, family and society.”

Carlos Hornstein, Associate Dean, London Business School

“A clever, complex analysis of the theory of incremental achievement, and an elegant exposition of why love makes life worth living.”

Alastair Stewart OBE

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