This award is presented to individuals who’ve made outstanding contributions that have facilitated the sustainable growth of the Digital Infrastructure to the benefit of global economies, the planet and humanity.



Lee is a Luminary award recipient because of his exceptional work improving the performance of critical infrastructure through sustainable solutions that reduce operating costs and drive industry trends. He served as President of The Uptime Institute, one of the premiere organizations in this industry, improving uptime, and reducing costs of the infrastructure we all rely on. His current passion is introducing military veterans and their families to our industry, providing them a path to a good career and helping ease the talent crisis in our industry.



Simon has been one of iMasons’ Executive Director for the past five years. He has made significant contributions to the structure, implementation and promotion of iMasons’ strategic values all over the world. Simon lives and breathes our work across Education, Diversity and Inclusion, Sustainability, and Technology. He is the ultimate iMasons ambassador uniting people and companies to better our industry. The majority of our events, including the iMasons’ awards, have happened because of his vision, leadership and tireless execution.