Marc Ganzi

An early investor in high-speed Internet and the founder of Global Tower Partners—which grew to be the largest private US cell tower company—Marc Ganzi is at the heart of all things mobile, Internet, and digital infrastructure. In 2013, together with Ben Jenkins, he founded Digital Bridge Holdings (now DigitalBridge), the leading digital infrastructure investment firm that operates companies in Europe, Asia, and North, South, and Central America. In addition to cell towers, Ganzi’s continually expanding portfolio currently controls 69 billion USD worth of digital infrastructure assets, including 100+ data centers, 135,000+ miles of fiber networks, 80,000+ tower sites, 100+ Edge facilities, and 95,000+ small cell nodes for supporting escalating mobile demand usage. Key companies of Ganzi’s portfolio include Vantage Data Centers, DataBank, Scala Data Centers, AtlasEdge Data Centers, Switch, Zayo, Xenith IG, Beanfield Metroconnect, and others. Through a partnership with ImpactData, Ganzi and DigitalBridge are also working to build and operate colocation data centers that provide digital learning infrastructure on the campuses of historically Black colleges and universities.