Seventh Heaven

Good things, such as the new BMW 7 Series, will come to those who wait. When Mercedes-Benz launched the new S-Class in late 2020, its arch-rival BMW took to social media to acknowledge the awesomeness of Mercedes’ world-beater. Now, as BMW prepares to launch the new 7 Series, perhaps it is time for Mercedes to return the compliment.

The seven-generation 7 Series, which will go on sale towards the end of this year along with an electric version called the i7, has several impressive features, but we expect its cabin, which has an optional theater screen for rear-seat passengers, to set the Internet on fire. The panoramic display, equipped with 8K resolution, literally descends from the ceiling and, along with the 36-speaker Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround System, provides the foundation for a cinematic experience that comes complete with dimming lights and reclining seats. The rear of the 7 Series has other delights, too.

The optional Executive Lounge seats have multiple levels of adjustments—upper backrest angle, surface tilt, forward/back—as well as cooling, heating, ventilation, and a nine-program massage function. So, if you are not in the mood to watch anything, you could simply lie back and admire the sky through the sunroof, which, BMW says, is larger than any rival’s.

The new 7 comes with touchscreen remote control panels on the doors

The grille in the new 7 Series is massive and gets the company’s “Iconic Lightning” treatment, with the main beams housed in a recess below the LED running lights. The driver—in most cases, the chauffeur—will get a curved digital display that runs along the length of the dashboard and is equipped with the iDrive 8 OS. An enviable combination of sheer luxury and high-powered entertainment.