Tesh Durvasula

Having previously led ICT acquisitions worth over one billion USD and grown one company’s revenue from 221 million to over one billion USD, Tesh Durvasula knows how to lead both organizations and communities through periods of rapid growth and transformation. As recently appointed CEO of Africa Data Centres, Durvasula is now also becoming a key player in Africa’s digital infrastructure development. Responsible for driving growth, innovation, and strategy around data center footprints and management capacities, Durvasula works to meet Africa’s accelerating demand for data and infrastructure (especially outside traditional high-profit markets like Cairo) while empowering individuals and businesses alike some of whom are coming online for the first time- to participate in Africa’s fast-expanding digital economy. In addition to his work in data centers, Durvasula is also an advocate for the boundless cloud technology opportunities across the continent and finding ways to meet renewable energy goals while managing power-supply challenges.