The Birth Of RTI Onshore

How a turnkey solution enables more efficient, cost-effective cable builds

Subsea cables carry 99 percent of the world’s internet traffic, providing high-speed connectivity vital for global economies. With over 400 subsea fiber optic cables on the ocean floor, the global data transmission scheme is intricate, to say the least.

Cable landings are dependent on the type of methodology used to install them. Currently, landings between seaward-lying cables and shoreward cable distributions involve subcontractors—the “middle-person”—solicited by cable distribution companies and international cable landing consortiums. This setup means a tedious process of funneling through several channels, which limits the efficiency and increases the cost of building a cable system.

So, how do you beat the system to achieve efficient, cost-effective builds?

Towards a turnkey solution

Subsea cables are critical infrastructure and should be developed with the highest caliber of expertise and transparency. If you can toss in efficiency, strategic relationships, and economical processes, that’s a bonus!

RTI Cables (RTI) and Dead Calm Seas Marine Services (DCS) are doing just that. Our companies created a valuable partnership to deliver a superior solution while reducing the inevitable risks of large infrastructure projects: Welcome RTI Onshore.

Russ Matulich, Founder and Group CEO, RTI Cables & Timothy Wakefield, Founder, Dead Calm Seas Marine Services

RTI Onshore acts as a turnkey service for design-build that delivers end-to-end services in project management, engineering design solutions, permitting, cable landing construction, and HDD. It combines decades of industry experience and intellectual capital for a single purpose—the successful installation of critical infrastructure.

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Russ Matulich

Russ Matulich is the Founder and Group CEO of RTI Cables, a leading independent subsea cable owner and operator that provides large-scale network solutions across a variety of industries. Matulich was previously Managing Director of APAC with TE SubCom (formerly Tyco Telecommunications), where he led the market by facilitating multiple cables across Asia, Australia, and the United States. Those cables—including TPE, UNITY, PPC-1, and SJC—were valued at two billion AUD.

Timothy Wakefield

Timothy Wakefield is a US Navy Veteran and has been in subsea telecommunications for over eight years. His company, Dead Calm Seas Marine Services, was a finalist in 2022 and 2021 for National Veteran-Owned Small Business of the Year. Known as a disruptor in the industry, he started DCS before he turned 30 and grew it to two million USD in the first year.