The Resiliency of the Internet Tested Special – Rafael Arranz

Chief Operations Officer, Telxius

Since March 11, 2020 when the complete Telxius staff began remote working due to lockdowns in Europe, the traffic delivered by Telxius (international traffic + traffic generated by content providers) to different countries has experienced a general increase up to 55%. Thanks to optimal interconnection dimensioning, traffic at interconnection points reached an average used capacity of up to 55%.

The traffic from content providers, some of which are IEIC members, has experienced a significant growth (up to 60% compared to the pattern pre-crisis). We are happy to confirm that our network has successfully handled it.  The incidence of COVID-19 has posed unprecedented challenges and uncertainties on a world-wide scale, but we at Telxius are prepared for them and we have implemented the necessary measures for service continuity, while ensuring the safety of our customers, partners and employees. In parallel with the usual provision of services, we have provisioned record-time capacity upgrades for customers (carriers, operators and content providers) at their request so as to make sure that they would be able to cope with any possible additional traffic increase.