Thematic Timepieces

A watch can remind us of more than just the time

I wear a watch for the purpose of knowing the time. Over the years, I became intrigued about the critical role engineering and time coordination played in my work life. But it wasn’t until I met a data center industry legend and now friend, John Kraft, that I refined my appreciation for thematic timepieces.

John was wearing a stunning Patek Phillipe chronograph—a wedding gift from his wife, Christine. It was especially impressive since I had previously only seen one in photos. We discussed the irony that we had not met prior to this chance encounter on a plane, but it was the polarizing words he shared that reset my view towards thematic watch collecting and time itself. He said: “Timing isn’t everything, but time is, and this watch reminds me of good times.”     Since then, I have sought watches with a theme.  Several have an American connection, like Ball (US Railroad), Waltham (historic US pocket watches), and rising star American watchmaker, Cameron Weiss. Others include a European brand, IWC—founded by an American (F.A. Jones)—with  special edition models like the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation and the 2008 German National Soccer Team tribute. I also have a piece from German, family-owned Damasko (who uses military-grade materials) and a Breguet (founded in 1775 by the father of watchmaking) Marine Chronograph.

IWC’s Laureus Sport for Good Foundation model
Glashutte Original (in light blue numerals) and Breguet Marine II