Travel the World with BOVET’s Orbis Mundi

A Swiss watch brand with travel, history, art, and engineering at its core since it originated in 1822, BOVET has a rich history of several double-, triple-, and world-time timepieces, and now they’re ready to take your breath away with their 200th anniversary celebration creation, the Orbis Mundi. 

Whether you’re jet-setting across the Pacific or making multiple stops across timezones, the new Orbis Mundi shows all 24 time zones at a glance—and can be set just by using the crown. With a namesake that is Latin for “the world,” the Orbis Mundi is for a whole generation of watch aficionados and collectors. Its exquisite 42mm 5N red gold case provides optimal comfort no matter the size of the your wrist, and opening the dial displays the signature BOVET balance wheel and regulating organ with its three-arm, rotating second-hand and a 20-second Aventurine glass dial at six o’clock.

BOVET exemplifies exotic and artistic perfection, and wherever you are in the world, why not treat yourself to a little of that beauty?