Rising Above The Clouds

The Journey from Georgia Tech and Karate to Flight School, Tim Kiser CEO & Founder of ColoATL, a JT Communications Company

Timothy A. Kiser owner and founder of ColoATL, is a licensed Professional Engineer in 35 states. Along with the burgeoning business ColoATL, Tim enjoys his passion of flying and that reflects his elite lifestyle and first-class taste.

Exuding the spirit of wisdom, Tim Kiser shares his lifestyle and passion for flying with InterGlobix Magazine. “I don’t think about wealth, I think about passion and my passion has helped me become who I am today,” he says.

Having practiced the martial arts for 34 years, Tim Kiser, Founder and CEO of ColoATL, holds a fourth-degree black belt for many years – a fact that not many people know. Additionally, he has a passion for flying above the clouds. An avid pilot, Tim is a successful business man who dons many hats. Tim’s passion for flying propelled him to buy, sell and experience some of the best planes as he ventured into the colocation interconnection business and established ColoATL.

Tim’s journey toward aviation started when he flew with his uncle who was a mechanical engineer. Inspired by his uncle, Tim chose the path of engineering, but decided to specialize in electrical engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. As a teenager, Tim took his first plane flight with his uncle on a little Festa 172. This flying experience against the strongest winds tempted Tim to join Georgia Tech Flying Club and soon he obtained his pilot’s license.

Flight School in 1988

Tim talked about his journey, “I started flying in 1984, and always wanted to go in the military, so I applied for flight school and I committed three years to get a pilot’s license. That’s where I got trained to be a pilot, and got my commercial instrument rating – all compliments of USA Air Force.”  Tim flew in a B-52 for the first time while he was in the Air Force.

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