When Dark Fiber Meets The Sea

In conversation with Gary Tarpley, CEO & President of Metro Fiber Networks Inc. a unique Dark Fiber provider with 100% underground terrestrial and subsea network.

Not often times do you come across a dark fiber provider that owns and operates infrastructure assets both under the ground and under the water. One such unique company is Metro Fiber Networks, Inc. or MFN.

MFN is a leading provider of 100% underground high-count diverse dark fiber network solutions in the state of Virginia. MFN’s network spans over 75,000 fiber miles across the Hampton Roads region, including Virginia Beach and middle Peninsula extending all the way to the booming Henrico County.

MFN owns and operates its network which is all-underground with some subsea segments. MFN completed a four-mile underwater crossing from the Hampton Roads Harbor in Hampton, Virginia to Norfolk, Virginia in March 2016. This was a very complex project with coordination involving 32 government and environmental agencies and provided a unique and diverse alternative to the aging and insecure infrastructure on the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel. MFN also completed a one-mile underwater crossing of the York River drawbridge.

Gary Tarpley, CEO & President, Metro Fiber Networks Inc.

Further expansion of MFN’s network included the permitting and construction of the subaquatic crossing of the Hampton Roads Harbor from Hampton, Virginia to Norfolk, Virginia. This underwater crossing was completed in March of 2016 and is currently supporting active customers. Expanding further, we constructed spurs off the network backbone to strategic locations such as city centers, tech centers, industrial parks, higher education facilities, and cell towers from Henrico County to Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The underground aspect of the network adds to its unique topology and protection from the natural weather elements.

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