DE-CIX India: A Five-Year Journey Of Empowering Digital Transformation

WHEN: 15 May 2023
WHERE: Goa, India
WHY: As DE-CIX India celebrates its five-year journey, it stands tall as a catalyst for digital transformation in India. DE-CIX India has established a presence in all of the country’s major cities over the past five years. DE-CIX India has expanded its reach to 590+ connected networks with the launch of four Internet Exchange and Cloud Exchange locations across the country. These locations are located in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and Kolkata.

DE-CIX management team cutting the cake
Sudhir Kunder and Marco Brandstaetter
DE-CIX HQ team
Strategic discussions being held during the event
DE-CIX India team cutting the cake
DE-CIX Germany and DE-CIX India teams
DE-CIX India team
DE-CIX India team
Award winners
Ivo Ivanov presenting ‘The Journey of Transformation’
In celebration: Sudhir Kunder, Ivo Ivanov, and Marco Brandstaetter
DE-CIX management team
DE-CIX India team
Dr. Thomas King, Marco Brandstaetter, and Sudhir Kunder
DE-CIX India technology team
Sudhir Kunder addressing the team