Dean Nelson

Having led 10 billion USD of infrastructure projects across three continents, Dean Nelson has extensive architecture, engineering, and operations experience, including 33 years in hardware, 26 years in network, and 22 years in data centers and infrastructure software. While this experience and his numerous award-winning innovations are impressive (to say the least), Nelson’s unique ability to unite people and communities together takes his global connectivity stardom to unprecedented heights. The founder of Infrastructure Masons – a global non-profit professional association that provides industry professionals a place to connect, grow, and give back – Nelson works to advance the industry across technological innovation, education opportunities, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability. Most recently, Nelson led the development of the iMasons’ Climate Accord, which has united over 200 global companies, representing 6 trillion USD in market cap, on carbon reduction across digital infrastructure. Nelson also currently serves as CEO to Cato.Digital, deploying low-cost, low-carbon compute tackling scope 3 emissions in alignment with the climate accord.