Hexatronic: Creating A Lasting Link To The Future

How Hexatronic solutions today are preparing for the evolutions of tomorrow

Headquartered in Gothenburg, Hexatronic partners with customers from telecoms operators to network operators across four continents to offer leading Edge fiber technology and solutions for any and all conditions. Made up of 54 companies and 1696 employees, our key markets are North America, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Nordics. 

With four main focus areas—solutions for fiber, wireless, harsh environments, and data centers—Hexatronic has been able to keep pace with technological advancements and increased data demands due to changes in working patterns and societal behaviors.

Fiber solutions

Hexatronic offers high performance fiber solutions for connected societies by prioritizing efficient installation, high quality, long-life products, and effective training and field support. Fiber networks have become the backbone of the world, and further growth lies ahead through extensive fiber to the home (FTTH) rollout and expansive wireless solutions dependent on robust fiber networks.

We develop and produce most of our products products in-house, which enables product improvement and tailor-made solutions, which in turn increase customer satisfaction. The company also offers complete solutions for creating fiber networks, from transport systems with high fiber counts to access networks connecting individual households. Our portfolio includes ducts, distributions hubs, cabinet solutions, instruments and measuring tools, and fiber cables of different types with varying numbers of fibers. Our products are easy to install, which leads to significantly shorter installation times and higher project efficiency than traditional solutions.

Anders Ljung, Business Manager, Submarine Cable Solutions, Hexatronic

Wireless solutions

Hexatronic also provides wireless communication solutions to complement FTTH so that homes in rural areas and places where rollout is delayed can still be connected in the interim. The densification of antennas and small cells is on-going, and expansion is expected to increase in coming years. The support this accessible connectivity, the company provides products and solutions for installing wireless systems, including fiber to the antenna (FTTA), micro-sites, and passive products for mobile backhaul.

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