Hossein Fateh

Founder and CEO of CloudHQ (a wholesale data center developer, owner, and operator) and former CEO and Co-founder of DuPont Fabros Technology (another large-scale data center developer and operator), Hossein Fateh specializes in providing “plug-and-play” data center capacity to users with large Internet infrastructures. As one of the original developers of this new asset class of data centers—what he calls “super wholesale” customers—and a pioneer of the triple net lease, Fateh enables large companies to channel their capital directly into their business operations rather than into data center construction and specialist technology. In addition to his work in supporting ever-increasing data center demands, Fateh also founded Cloud Capital, a global investment management firm pursuing a dedicated data center investment strategy, and WindHQ, an energy company that provides renewable wind energy solutions to data center campuses. He likewise sits on the board of several universities and participates in projects and philanthropy work with hospitals both in the US and in London.