Informal Interactions with Staffan Göjeryd

How do you maintain your work-life balance?

I think a lot of people will probably answer this question similarly, but less travel during the last two years has made a big difference, and it has been an opportunity to reset and rethink a little bit. I think it’s very important to be able to spend time with family and be present. I’m running a global organization, which does add a little bit of requirement around reachability during off hours, but I always try to make sure my family and I have a few hours in the evening, when the kids are coming home from school, where we can at least eat together and be present together. You can always work more later in the evening if you need to. Presence in your work life and in your personal life are equally important, but when you’re at one, you should be fully there for that one—you shouldn’t be mixed or splitting your focus.