Women In Leadership – Part 4

In today’s data-driven world, leadership is an extremely complex business. From continual development due to the introduction and adoption of new technologies, such as AI, to the changing geopolitical landscape in which we operate, one thing is clear: Leaders must remain agile and adaptable. This feature story celebrates the women in leadership who are breaking ground to address these challenges and drive their organizations toward success.

From strategic thinkers to positive coaches, these champions of inclusivity are inspirational leaders who serve as role models to the next generation. Jasmine Bedi, Editor-in-Chief of InterGlobix Magazine, sat down with ten iconic executives to learn about their digital infrastructure journeys and to understand what drives them. While none of them share the same path to where they are today, they all share a passion for equitable work environments and the motivation to make real change. Women in leadership, we salute you!

This fourth installment of our Women in Leadership series features Chair At-Large of Loudoun County, Phyllis Randall, on why we need to aim for equity, not just equality; euNetworks’ Paula Cogan on how her philosophy background helped her build commercial awareness; Google’s Monique Picou on transforming technology to meet ever-evolving customer requirements; Pure Data Centres’ Dawn Childs on being the first woman to hold appointments in traditionally male-dominated industries; Netrality’s Amber Carmella on generating both company revenue and industry visibility for women; RTI Cable’s Melissa Bruhl on the importance of listening more and speaking less; Cirion Technologies’ Tatiana Fonseca on her motivational management style; Ciena’s Sheela Kosaraju on how her law degree plays into the intersection of technology and business; EdgeCore’s Courtney Gaudet on how being a “Hotdogger” formed her customer-focused mentality; and Wells Fargo’s Anita Ali on using AI to transform the employee experience.

Phyllis Randall - Chair of the Board of Supervisors, Loudoun County, Virginia
Paula Cogan - Chief Executive Officer, euNetworks
Monique Picou - Global Executive Vice President, Cloud Supply Chain & Operations, Google
Dame Dawn Childs DBE FREng - Chief Executive Officer, Pure Data Centres Group
Amber Caramella - Chief Revenue Officer, Netrality Data Centers
Melissa Bruhl - Chief Commercial Officer, RTI Cables
Tatiana Fonseca - Executive Vice President of Operations, Cirion Technologies
Sheela Kosaraju - Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Ciena
Courtney Gaudet - Vice President, Marketing and Communications, EdgeCore Digital Infrastructure
Anita Ali - Digital Product Management Director, Wells Fargo